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MEET...                            CARING FOR...

1. Rebecca...                    Parent with mobility limitations            
2. Donna…                       Parent with mobility limitations
3. Sharon…                      Parent with mobility limitations

4. Kelly…                           Parent with leg amputation  
5. Chris…                          Spouse with traumatic brain injury
6. Ken…                             Adult child with mental & physical disabilities
7. Verra…                          SelfCare - Bariatric (300+ lbs.)

8. Marilyn…                       Spouse with Parkinson’s
9. Patricia…                       Spouse with Parkinson’s
10. Kathleen…                  Parent with Parkinson’s
11. Rose…                         Spouse with Parkinson’s

12. Claudia...                     Spouse with PSP (Progressive Supranuclear Palsy) 
13. Nancy…                       Spouse with Alzheimer’s
14. Rufus…                        Spouse with Alzheimer’s 

15. Paula…                        Resident in geri-chair 
16. Nancy…                        Resident in care facility 
17. Bill…                              Resident in adult day care community

ComforTek Stories...

1. Meet Rebecca...

I purchased this for my father who walks with aid from a rollator and has a lot of mobility issues, especially getting up/down. We needed a solid, strong and usable chair for his dressing area that he could easily sit and stand from. The higher seat (about 21-22 inches from the floor) allows for an easier sit from standing position. The chair is comfortable, and the swivel lever is easy to use to help turn from side to side to get things without leaning dangerously. The arms are nice and sturdy. This is perfect for him. It will really help to minimize falls in his bedroom. Thank you for making such a product!

Dallas, TX                                        Action: Swivel  

2. Meet Donna...

This chair has allowed my dad’s caregiver to move him to and from his kitchen table with ease. My dad can control the swivel action of the seat by himself which gives him some freedom and independence. The chair has a great height and makes transferring from standing to sitting etc. so much easier. The chair is solid, and I don’t have to worry about my dad flipping it as he tries to stand up. Gives me more peace of mind to know I am helping to make my dad’s senior years safer.

Miami, FL
                                          Action: Swivel...Roll  

3. Meet Sharon...

The Titan Swivel chair for my 95-year-old mom was successfully delivered today. OH. MY. GOSH!!! The quality of the Titan Swivel chair is totally beyond any expectations I had!!! So easy to assemble. The support the chair gives my mom is awesome. My back will be saved by not having to pull out the chair. My mom is able to safely get up herself with the armrests and I don't have to worry about the chair slipping out under her because of the heavy-duty quality. And... you even remembered the footrest for my lil short mom. No more worries about Deep Vein Thrombosis. I am sooooo excited. Thank you thank you thank you!!!! 

Texas                                                    Action: Swivel…Roll

4. Meet Kelly...

Kelly’s father who is a recent amputee, indicated that his wheelchair was uncomfortable and restricted access to the dining table. The intent of purchasing the T2 with Chair Caddie was to find a safe and comfortable chair in which Kelly's father could move from spot to spot in the kitchen, without assistance. The chair arrived in good condition and the family found the installation of the Caddie onto the chair was fairly easy to accomplish. When her father is getting into or out of the T2 chair, his wife engages the foot brake on the rear caster thus enabling him to move safely from the chair to his wheelchair. Kelly, her mom and her dad are all pleased with the T2 chair with the Chair Caddie B.

Winnipeg, MB                                        Action: Swivel…Roll

5. Meet Chris...

Chris's wife has had a Traumatic Brain Injury. She can walk using assistance (rollator) but cannot move herself up-to or away-from a table. Chris indicated that using the dining furniture at home was a struggle for both him and their visiting caregiver. He attempted to reduce the friction between the floor and the chair by adding felt pads to the bottom of the chair legs, even tried the "tennis ball" solution. After cracking one of the dining chairs, he started looking on-line for chairs with wheels. He did not want an "odd-ball" chair at the table and visiting caregiver indicated that, a "familiar" chair would be less confusing for his wife. Chris found our web site and was intrigued with the features of the chair caddie. He indicated that he had no problems attaching the chair caddie to their existing dining room chair. With the chair caddie installed, he can easily move his wife up to and away from the table and he has a consistent look of dining chairs around the table.  

New York, NY                                          Action: Retro-fit-able

6. Meet Ken...

I’m so glad the E-Z assist chair is still available to me at such an affordable price. My 32-year-old daughter is physically and mentally disabled, and she isn’t able to pull herself up to the kitchen table once she sits down. This chair is so comfortable and has made it so much easier to help her sit close to the kitchen table. The fabric has held up very well, and she loves the chair. Before we got this chair, it was getting to be quite a challenge physically for me to push her up close to the table once she sat down. I’m 61 and pushing over 120 pounds of dead weight isn’t easy. Now that we are getting a second chair, I’ll be able to use it on my screened in porch. She loves sitting at our table on the porch! ... I’ve been really struggling physically to push her chair close to that table. I’ve been worried about hurting my back, so this additional chair will be fantastic!!! Thanks again for making this wonderful product.

Lethbridge, AB
                                          Action: Swivel...Roll

7. Meet Verra...

GOD'S BLESSING: I just received my 24" 5" caster bariatric office chair. I've gone through 7 to 9 office chairs in the last 10 years. The last one, I fell off and hurt my right shoulder when the plastic wheels just snapped and broke. Anyway, I sat down on my new ComforTek chair and it felt strong, supportive, soft comfy seat, the wheels rolled across my tile with no noise, I feel safe for once. I have severe Ostia Arthritis, a torn and frayed meniscus and A.C.L. I can't say enough about this chair, so as the days go by I'll probably add more to my review. I am very overweight and this saves me from so much pain.

Hacienda Heights, CA                                Action: Turn…Roll

8. Meet Marilyn...

I like that it well made and is sturdy for my 215 lb. husband to sit in. It allows me to position him at the table for meals. We bought the one with the swivel which allows him to turn to get up or sit down. He suffers from Parkinson’s and doesn't have the strength to push or pull himself into the table etc. It is the right height and with the sturdy arms he is able to get up out of the chair on his own. We were trying to use an executive office chair with wheels but there was too much movement - and he fell leaning over to pick something up.  

Peterborough, New York                            Action: Swivel                            

9. Meet Patricia...

My husband has Parkinson’s Disease and has broken 2 chairs trying to get close enough to the table to eat. This mobility chair is the best. So easy to sit him at the table now. The only thing it still needs is a handle on the back to make it easier for the caregiver to push the chair in position.

Merrillville, IN                                               Action: Swivel...Roll  

10. Meet Kathleen...

After countless hours of searching for a swivel chair, with arms, and no wheels, that wasn't an office or patio/lawn chair, I found this. It is such a great help to my mother, who has Parkinson's. She can now safely sit, and turn herself toward the table, without trying to maneuver and stumble around her walker. The arms help stabilize her when she stands. The swivel function locks for stability and safety. 

Annapolis, MD                                               Action: Swivel

11. Meet Rose...

This chair has been a lifesaver. My husband has progressive Parkinson's Disease and needs 24-hour assistance. We could not find a chair that would fit his needs. An office chair with wheels was not an option because it flew off whenever he was rising or sitting down. To turn a regular chair away from the table, it had to be lifted with him in it. With the stiffness caused by his illness, he could not help, thus the chair was dragged and quite a number of chairs got broken (along with the floor being damaged.) After days of online research, I came across your chair. It has been life-altering. I have recommended this chair to so many people who are afflicted the same way he is.

New York, NY                                                Action: Swivel...Roll

12. Meet Claudia...

The chair is very sturdy. My husband has PSP (Progressive Supranuclear Palsy) and lacks balance. He has knocked over other chairs. So far this one has been great. I am so glad that we got the chair that swivels. He can back his walker up to the chair, sit down, and then turn the chair ninety degrees to face the table. The wheels make it easy to push him up close to the table

Mechanicville, NY                                          Action: Swivel...Roll

13. Meet Nancy...

My son Edward made arrangements for the chair to be sent to us in San Marcos CA for my husband who now has Alzheimer's Disease. I want to tell you how wonderful we think the chair is. It meets all of the needs of a person who cannot move about without assistance. The arms on the chair are sturdy enough for my husband to push himself up and the wheels and lever to turn the seat make it so much easier for caregivers and I to move him about. I have shared the information with his physician and caretaker people.

San Marcos, CA                                             Action: Swivel...Roll

14. Meet Rufus...

We purchased this chair for my mom with Alzheimer's. She has limited mobility so the chair issue for meals had become a wrestling match. The new mobility assist chair is a dream come true. The ease of movement, of course, is a blessing but the swivel seat is actually the best part for us. Easy to clean and maintain. Worth every penny from a caregiver’s standpoint.

Wichita, KS                                                     Action: Swivel...Roll

15. Meet Paula...

Paula has been a resident of a care community for several years spends most of every day seated in a GERI-Chair. At mealtimes Paula is transported in the GERI-chair to the dining room. However, as none of the furniture has been built to accommodate her chair, she is positioned near a counter where care staff approach her individually and assist with one on one meal service. Recently the community requested a Butterfly table be set up for use and evaluation. Staff requested the table be adjusted specifically so that one of the tops was positioned suitably for Paula’s use. When Paula was brought into the dining room and moved up to the table, staff were overcome with emotion to see her “tear up” as for the first time her meal was placed on the table in-front of her. With an appropriately positioned flat surface available, staff earnestly sought out other community activities which she would now be able to participate in. Is it possible that a single table could be instrumental in providing residents with an increased sense of independence, dignity and self-worth?” Judging from the story of Paula, we believe it can!

Edmonton, AB                                               Action: Expand...Lift

16. Meet Nancy...

This chair is just what my 90-year-old father needed in the assisted living facility. The nurse or any family member is able to get him into and out from the dining room table very easily. Just press on the foot pedal and push or pull. Also, there is a swivel knob on the right-hand side that he can operate or anyone else, if you want to swivel him away from the table so he can more easily get out of the chair. Love it!

Minnesota                                                  Action: Roll

17. Meet Bill...

I think Bill’s picture says it all! Previously he spent all day at our Brevard Alzheimer’s Adult Day Center in a wheelchair, sitting sideways to the table. He is stroke paralyzed on his left side. He’s a “big” boy and the chair is a comfortable change for him. Thank you, thank you for making his day so much better. I am the Director of Education for the Brevard Alzheimer’s Foundation. I have served this organization and hundreds of people like Bill for 24 years.

Brevard, FL                                                    Action: Swivel...Roll