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Rehab / Therapy / Mental Health Centers
Senior Living / Long Term Care
 Adult Day Care / HomeCARE
Memory Care

Chairs designed to
and Brake for safety!

Eliminating the need for staff to
push - pull - shove - twist
when assisting a person with limited mobility

Preventing staff injuries

Reducing stress and anxiety for both
staff and client

Chairs that Swivel and lock for safety
T2 841SWL-22
T2 841 SWL 22 CC5
Chairs that Turn...Roll..and Brake for safety
T2 841-22-CC1
841-22" w/ Chair Caddie 2
Chairs that Turn...Roll..and Brake for safety
941-24 w/ Chair Caddie 2
941-30 w/ Chair Caddie 2
Tables that Lift and Extend
Wheelchair / Geri Chair Adjustable Tables
Wheelchair / Geri Chair Adjustable Tables

1.  Swivels...and Locks for safety

2.  Swivels...Locks...Rolls...and Brakes for safety

3.  Turns...Rolls...and Always Locked for safety

11. Turns...Rolls and Brakes for safety

12.  Turns...Rolls and Brakes for safety

Available in a 22", 24" and 30" widths
Rated for 600 lbs.

7.  Lifts and Extends

8.  Lifts and Extends

T2 Series, designed to...


Workplace Injuries
WCB Claims / Absenteeism / Overtime
Stress and Anxiety
Flooring / Furniture Costs


Safer Workplace
A More Enjoyable Mealtime Routine
Healthier Work Environment
Better Retention of Staff & Residents


Residents & Families Experience an Increased Sense of Dignity & Self-Worth

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