Innovation at ComforTek

Setting Industry Standards

ComforTek is always trying to be in the forefront of manufacturing innovative products in to the market place. Below are a few products we have recently introduced to the market place.

The Chair Caddie

TURNS...ROLLS...and Brakes for safety.

The Chair Caddie, is an after-market device which attaches to the base of your favorite chair. The Chair Caddie is custom-sized at the factory to fit your chair. When attached a seated person can be moved up-to and away-from the table with ease and safety!

More on The Chair Caddie
The Chair Caddie is manufactured and distributed exclusively by ComforTek Seating.

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Molded Cold Cured Foam

The Vista & Vista Plus+ Collection of chairs now feature an optional molded cold cured foam (CCF) seat cushion. Air pockets strategically placed throughout the cushion provide outstanding comfort and performance.

Cold cured or molded foam seat cushions are traditionally available on only fixed theatre seats and car seats. Now, we bring them to your guests.

Typical Vista cross section

The cold cured foam on Vista Banquet Chair cushions extends beyond and below the plywood base to cover plywood edges on all four sides. Since the plywood base is encased in foam, it eliminates fabric snags.

The CCF seat cushion is equipped with a thin membrane that repels water and other liquids, preventing them from penetrating into the cushion.