About ComforTek

How Seating Became a Passion

We manufacture the highest quality seating solutions. With corporate headquarters in Canada, and the manufacturing and distribution plant in the United States, we are well-positioned to help you make any audience comfortable.

Our mission as a corporate community leader is defined by innovative products and passionate relationships developed within a culture of caring, encouragement and service, ensuring the success of every customer, dealer and employee.

The degree by which each customer, dealer and employee achieves success is the benchmark by which our success shall be measured. We value the privilege of partnering with you!

ComforTek Seating operates manufacturing and distribution facilities in three North American locations.

The Virginia location is also a manufacturing facility. Its proximity to many North American fabric mills enables us to manufacture products which specify unique designer fabrics and finishes. Virginia also serves as the warehouse center for points east of the Mississippi.

All activities north of the 49th (including marketing, sales, research and development) are located Alberta, Canada.