2 - person wheelchair adjustable table

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Key Features

See why others don't measure up.

Rugged Frame

Frame is contoured using a mandrel bend & welds are enforced for strength.

Adjustable Height

With the Titan Tables, all tops are fully adjustable to a max height of 10".

Adjustable Length

Every table has the ability to adjust one top outward to a max of 6".

stability / transport

Stabilizing coasters are used on each leg. Tables can be moved easily using the transport wheel(s).

Easy adjusting

Large screw knobs are used for each section. Loosening and tightening is done easily.

compressing springs

Weight-compensating springs (one per section) are used for safety and easy adjusting.

tough table tops

Each section (1″) is built with a curved, impact-resistant, fungicidal (anti-mold), PVC top.

Color choices

Select from 6 stocking laminate colours (custom laminate is also available).

Table Warranty

Each table comes with a 10-year warranty on the frame and 5-year on components.


" In our facility, tables are adjusted to accommodate specific chairs. Wheelchair-bound patients are seated separately, as the table is positioned at the appropriate height to accommodate the wheelchair arms. Last week, one of our long-term residents was relocated to the wheelchair table, as her mobility limitations had increased significantly. Had the TITAN table been in our facility, it would have allowed her to stay with her circle of friends, as a single table top leaf could have been simply adjusted higher to accommodate her new set of wheels.  How sad! How traumatic! ”