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Alzheimer's is a type of dementia that causes problems with memory, thinking and behavior. Symptoms usually develop slowly and get worse over time, becoming severe enough to interfere with daily tasks.

One of these daily tasks include mealtime. The mealtime routine usually involves moving a loved up-to and away-from the table. Most Alzheimer's sufferers get startled or agitated with jerky and sudden movements which causes unpredictable behavior or unnecessary anxiety.

With ComforTek's Alzheimer's Furnishings, these sudden movements are eliminated. Watch our video to see how.


Will benefit:

- Reduces burnout / stress
- Reduced physical effort
- Reduce Injury
- More compliant loved one


Will benefit:

- Dignity & self-worth
- Provide structure
- Smooth movements
- Enjoyable mealtime routine


“With two aging parents eating Sunday dinner with us every week, it was becoming increasingly difficult for them to scoot their chairs under the table. The Titan 841SWL-22-REZ is an awesome answer to that dilemma. We put the chair under the table, turn the seat to the side and all they have to do is sit down, swing under the table and they're set. The wheels are a necessity -- this is a heavy, well-built chair and you can't move it very easy without those wheels. It's a great help and we don't worry about them being comfortable. They have both said, "This is the most comfortable chair I have ever sat it." The back is straight so they aren't slumped in the seat and it's easy for them to sit down in and stand up from. Great chair!!”

“I'm visiting my mother and seeing the chair for the first time. I think it's great and now that she is getting used to it she realizes that it makes it a lot easier for her and her caregivers.”


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